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Fear to Hope

Biodiversity, ecosystem functions, and Native American culture

Anthropogenic mishaps and detrimental consequences

Statewide STEAM mentoring, authentic collaborative research, and public science studies 

Students, faculty, collaborators, and partners


Coastal ecosystems are biodiverse and perform many services valued by society. As a result of climate change, ghost forests (eerie gray stands of all dead trees) are forming, shorelines are receding, and native habitats are being lost all along the Atlantic Coast. Fears of these impacts are well founded, but can serve to motivate science-based solutions that bring rational hope. Engaging and mentoring high school students in selected, authentic research efforts can simultaneously hasten the pace of research now, and widen the STEAM pipeline to ensure a workforce empowered to address the challenges of the future.


Rob Atkinson 

(804) 815-4174

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